creed:  noun
a set of beliefs or aims which guide one's actions

1.  YESBABY’s primary mission is to empower adults to own their bodies, their sexuality, and their personalities on their terms.

We believe everyone is beautiful and worthy of love and affection.

We also understand the multitude of negative forces at play not just in the adult industry, but around the world.

Countless people, regardless of age, gender, and race, are hurt and victimized on a constant basis for sexually violent motivated reasons.

We are on a mission to END this cycle.

We get asked a lot: Why use a platform that markets sex to spread this message? The answer is simple:

  • You need to embrace these problems to change them.  

  • You need to look directly at what went wrong to identify how to do it right

  • YESBABY never again wants to see someone hurt or abused sexually.

  • YESBABY understands that sexual-expression can and should be good,

       however, there are too many instances where that is far from the case.

This is why YESBABY does not deal with *Escort Services or *Pornography

In addition, YESBABY considers all sexually violent crimes, human trafficking crimes, and crimes against children to be


Sexual-expression is a natural and beautiful part of life that too many never get to experience at its full potential.

Others are unfairly robbed of this rightful pleasure because of the actions of others.

When YESBABY is in charge of it, this will NEVER occur. 

Whether it is proper sexual education, access to sexual freedom, or an intervention of evil acts,

YESBABY is right there to make sure it is always handled in a fair, honest, and just manner. 

2.  YESBABY’s secondary mission is to eradicate the consistent problems that have plagued the adult industry for the past several decades. This includes but is not limited to greed, dishonesty, discrimination, exploitation of participants, and singular perversion focused on one participant(s), usually women. Minority groups are also treated unfairly in numerous ways. 

3.  We believe that intimacy, fantasy, and sexual expression should be something that we all can enjoy in whatever way suits each of us best; as long as it does not hurt, dehumanize, or take away the natural rights of others.

4.  We believe that intimacy, fantasy, and sexual expression are things each of us are naturally entitled to, so it should only be natural to provide a set of services that adhere to our high standards of quality and safety, and that cater to any adult regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender; so long as it does not hurt, dehumanize, or take away the natural rights of others.

5.  The "adult experience" should encompass the aspects of relationships unique to adulthood. To YESBABY, that includes sex, sexuality, intimacy, friendship, dating, marriage, romance, love, and companionship.

6.  We believe that adults who understand what they are doing before they do it should be free to do so; as long as it does not hurt, dehumanize, or take away the natural rights of others.

7.  We do not believe that anyone should be condemned for or prevented from sexual self-expression unless their actions of self-expression hurt, dehumanize, or take away the natural rights of others. 

8.  YESBABY strives to provide an environment for everyone to participate equally and experience enjoyment in their preferred way on their terms and time - in a way that is safe and enjoyable to all participants and that does not violate any of our core beliefs, as mentioned above.

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